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The Brief: Green dream generation, Ukraine's EU ambitions and migration 'paralysis'

The Brief: Green dream generation, Ukraine's EU ambitions and migration 'paralysis'
By Euronews
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On Thursday, students took to the streets once again to call attention to climate change. Students have been protesting every Thursday in Brussels for several weeks.


Around 5000 young people marched in Brussels asking for better political action to adress the climate change. Many others particpated all aroundl Belgium, especially in Leuven (10000), the epicenter for this thursday. The plateforme Youth4Climate decided that; from now on, every week there will a differente "main stage" for the protest. But the message remains the same.

"We are counting on continuing the marches until the elections, so that the ministers understand that we are here until the end, until they understand that we really want climate justice," says one protester.

"I expect more action at the international forums, such as the COP21 conference, etc. I really expect the Belgian government to hear the words of its people and to take action to ultimately help the future generations," remarks another.

Another part of the academic sector is also contributing: 11 university professors, from 4 universities, drafted a "special Climate-Law" last week. It proposes to setting up a Climate Action Plan and 4 new authorities to implement a new policy, more holistic and participative to face the democratic deficit and the complex constitutional regime of Belgium.

One of the special law's authors Mathias El Berhoumi, Professor of Constitutional Law at Universite Saint-Louis (Bruxelles) told Euronews:

In the special law there is, for example; the principle of social justice, which is essential if we want to achieve the objectives of climate change. These changes must be discussed with the civil society; non-governmental organizations; with also the experts to make sure; that, at a given moment, this climate change (note: policy) is carried by everyone and it is also accepted by everyone."

The text has been adopted by the Belgian green party (Ecolo-Groen) that submitted it to the Parliament and has already the support of 4 other parties (PS, CDH, DEFI, SP.A) to use it as a working base. The authors say the new legislation could be approved before the general election, on the 26th May, if they opted for the "urgent" procedure in the setting up of an ad hoc committee.

And other European headlines in Brief:

Mehdi Nemmouche Trial

Two former French hostages of the Islamic State group have recognised Mehdi Nemmouche as one of their jailers in Syria. The two journalists, who testifed at the Jewish Museum attack trial in Brussels, say they have no doubt about the identity of their torturer. Nemmouche is currently being prosecuted for the terrorist attack in May 2014 which claimed four lives.

Ukraine European Ambitions

Ukraine’s parliament has passed a constitutional amendment to commit to joining the EU and NATO.

Mass protests in 2013 focused on the ex- president's refusal to sign the EU association agreement and the new government committed to membership.

Public opinion swayed towards joining the institutions following Russia's annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Migration 'paralysis'

The European elections should not 'paralyse' EU migration policy reforms, that's the message from the EU Commissioner for migration. The bloc's progress on migration has stalled, in particular over the issue of quotas and distribution . With the rise of anti-migration policies in national elections, the issue could become a political weapon in the ballot this May.

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