"He lost touch with the citizens of Europe"

"He lost touch with the citizens of Europe"
By Stefan Grobe
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Previewing Juncker's last major speech at the helm of the EU Commission


On Wednesday, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Jucker, delivers his final State of the Union speech.

How should the European Union evolve? What should be its priorities?

We asked people in Brussels.

There are those who worry about migration

"I think it would be good if they could deal with anti-immigration movements that are bubbling up. Like that we would see less divisions in the countries."

Among the British, Brexit is the main priority.

"The European Comission should sort it out in a way that the UK comes out of Europe smoothly, with all the borders and everything in order. Let's sort out what has to be sorted out, but quickly, because it has been going on for too long now."

Italians ask for more economic equality.

"First of all, we need a fiscal union to avoid that some countries take advantage of others"

And Germans feel that they take on too many burdens.

"Sometimes maybe Germany has to suffer a little bit because it has to help everyone."

And finally, some are VERY critical.

"It is an institution of liars and thieves."

In his State of the Union speech, Juncker will put security and immigration at the top of the European agenda.

He will even propose the creation of a federal border police, turning the control of illegal migration into the hands of the member states.

For some MEPs, this is not enough.

Gerolf Annemans, Belgian member of the far-right Europe of Nations and Freedom Group:

"Juncker is just coming up with what is left over in his shopping bag. Some tiny compromises. But he cannot lead Europe in the way it should be led now. European cooperation is almost dead. He has no credibility whatsoever, so he should leave."


The Commission will also suggest measures designed to guarantee the fairness of next year's European elections.

Juncker plans to require social networks to remove fraudulent information in less than an hour after detection.

This is going to be his last big speech as president of the European Commission. So what will be his political legacy?

"He doesn’t understand today’s Europe. He doesn’t understand the immigration problems. He doesn’t understand the people’s problems. He has been in power for 25 years. And he lost all contact with the citizens," says Jean Quatremer, Brussels correspondent of French daily Libération

Euronews will carry Juncker's State of the Union speech live from the European Parliament in Strasbourg, starting at 9 o'clock CET.

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