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Europe doesn't have migration problem, says Amnesty

Europe doesn't have migration problem, says Amnesty
By Euronews
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"This is a political tactic to divert attention"


The idea of regional disembarkation platforms outside the EU for migrants trying to reach Europe is gaining momentum.

European institutions believe these platforms could help distinguish economic migrants from those in need of international protection before they embark on dangerous journeys.

But Amnesty International says this project threatens the human rights of all migrants and refugees.

"In our experience, especially if we look at Australia and other countries, this raises a lot of human rights concerns," said Iverna McGowan, from Amnesty. 

"Under which jurisdiction, are there re-settlements or will it just be detention centres with human suffering and no ability for people to move out of these camps? All worrying questions at a time when Europeans express outrage at Trump’s policy on migration. Could be worse in Europe."

Amnesty believes that having the supervision of the United Nations in these platforms is not enough, and that political will is urgently needed across Europe to create resettlement places and avoid the mass detention of migrants and refugees.

McGowan commented: "We do not have a migration problem in Europe. No European country is in the top number of countries hosting refugees. This is a political tactic to divert attention. It’s very clear there is a solution for Dublin reform on the table both for Europe and those fleeing and that is what is needed from this Council."

Many other questions remain, including on the type of cooperation with countries hosting these eventual platforms. The EU has already concluded agreements with Turkey and several African countries over the last three years to stop migrants and refugees before they take to the sea, resulting in much fewer arrivals on Europe’s shores, but also in serious human rights violations.

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