Brexit progress balanced on Irish border

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By Euronews
Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime Minister
Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime Minister

The leader of the DUP in Northern Ireland has said she doesn't want any deal done which would lead to them having 'regulatory divergence' from the rest of the UK which was proposed to allow for a soft border with the Irish Republic. And as they're key to propping up Theresa May's government, they have to be listened to. So when all hopes were that Brexit would progress, The brakes are back on.

Our only guiding light is the Good Friday agreement

Leo Varadkar Irish Prime Minister

Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister was clearly frustrated by the issue;

"Our only guiding light is the Good Friday agreement, which clearly states that constitutional stages of Nothern Ireland cannot be changed without the consent of the people of Nothern Ireland and this is fundamental to our position.

I am surprised and disappointed that the British Government now appears not in the position to conclude what was agreed earlier today.

I accept that the PM has asked for more time and I know that she faces many challenges and I acknowledge that she is negotiating in good faith"

To add to the pickle senior politicians from Scotland, Wales and London are now saying that if it's possible for Northern Ireland to have such a deal, then they should be able to have the same if they are to stay competitive. It's something Theresa May has been able to resist up until now.