How will Europe change in the future?

How will Europe change in the future?
By Euronews
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In this edition of U-Talk Camille from in Lyon, France asked:

“What changes are expected regarding the structure of the EU in the coming years?”

The question was answered by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council.

“There will be more Europe, it’s as simple as that. And during this crisis we saw we could achieve things which were unconceivable a few years ago.

“The crisis helped us create more integration: more banking integration, more fiscal integration, more economic integration and hopefully also more political integration. The only answer to the crisis is not less Europe but more Europe. And that is the hard lesson of those 2 or 3 years.

“So what I expect is a stronger Europe after this crisis. We’ll overcome this crisis, how painful it is these days in some of our countries. It’s a transition period and if we work hard at the national level. If we show our solidarity also at the level of the European Union – and we’re doing so. We’ll overcome this crisis and at the end there will be a more integrated and a stronger Europe”.

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