Questions about Europe?

Questions about Europe?
By Euronews
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Question from Kiki in London:

“I’ve heard that 2013 is the “European Year of Citizens” but where exactely can I find out more about my rights as a European Union citizen?”

Answer from Ylva Tivéus, Director, DG Communication, European Commission:

“I’d recommend you three services that you can contact to know about your EU citizen rights. It depends on your preference on how you want to get information.

“First of all, if you like information online or on your smartphone, you should go to YourEurope which is a website that contains practical information, tips, advice on your consumer rights, on your passenger rights, on your rights as a student or as a worker.

“That is one of the options. The other option if you prefer to have more of a personal contact, call Europe Direct contact centre, which is a service that will answer to your questions in your language. They’re equipped to take care of all kinds of questions on general information and on citizens’ rights.

“The third option if you prefer a more face to face contact, then you can contact one of our 500 Europe Direct information centres that we have all over Europe in towns and cities and which are there ready to answer to your questions and to help you to find the right answer to your problem or to your concern.”

For more information about the EU, visit your local Europe Direct Information Centre, call 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 or check out the website:

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