Crime: victims rights in the European Union

Crime: victims rights in the European Union
By Euronews
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Question: Cathy, Toulouse:

“If I am the victim of aggression or violent theft in a European Union country, how can I get help?”

Answer: Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship:

“When I was analysing the way our judicial system functions all over Europe, I was very shocked to see that everything is concentrating around the accused – the one who has done something supposedly bad against a person.

“But the person to whom it has happened, the victim, appears nowhere, or not enough. And most of all, if someone is victim of a crime in a neighbouring country, where he or she does not understand the language, does not know the system, does not know how to communicate with the police, with the hospital, with the judge… well it’s a nightmare!

“And that is why, together with the ministers of justice of the 27 member states and the European Parliament, we have voted a new Victim’s Right European legislation. It will be implemented in the member states so that a person who falls victim to a crime, to an accident, to a terrorist attack will be helped, will have a status as victim, not only this person, but also the familly of this person if they, too, suffer so that nobody in Europe, no European citizen who falls victim to a crime in the future will feel alone.”

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