Is Europe moving toward gender equality?

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By Euronews
Is Europe moving toward gender equality?

“Hello my name is Emilie is the European Union working towards harmonising equality between men and women is anything being done at European level?”

Cécile Gréboval is the Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby:

“The results suggest that in most countries and at a European level many new laws have been introduced. After, when we take a closer look at the numbers we see a different reality.

There are big differences in wages between men and women around 17 per cent in the EU.

Women are under represented in politics to varying degrees in different member states and violence against women is a reality.

The law is there, but it can be much improved. It is a matter of changing stereotypes and I believe this should be a global policy. It is hard to get equality at work, with wages, senior management If there is no equality in the home regarding the division of labour including male parental leave, all these issues. The fight against all forms of violence is the priority for the European Women’s Lobby in all states.

We mean all forms of violence, trafficking, prostitution, sexual harassment. It is our priority from a strategic point of view.

What is also important for us is that we still see diverse attitudes and laws in the area of sexual and reproductive rights and abortion laws.

We want strong political leadership from the EU on issues of violence against women, we need to push a bit harder. We would like a European Year against violence towards women as soon as possible.

Then we have the problem with the dossiers blocked in the Council of Ministers.

Including European Directives on proposed maternity leave. So we hope Poland takes up the issue and tries to speed up the process.”

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