David Attenborough asks world leaders to ‘rewrite our story’ at COP26

Sir David Attenborough addresses world leaders at COP26
Sir David Attenborough addresses world leaders at COP26   -  Copyright  AP Photo
By Ben Anthony Horton

Sir David Attenborough has urged world leaders to ‘rewrite our story’ in a compelling speech delivered to world leaders at COP26.

The 95-year-old natural historian and broadcaster, most famous for writing and presenting the BBC’s Life documentaries, took to the stage as part of today’s World Leaders Summit.

The climate campaigner warned that we are "already in trouble" but "our motivation must not be fear, but hope".

“The people most affected by climate change are no longer some imagined future generation, but young people alive today,” said Attenborough, who urged world leaders to address the ongoing climate crisis before it is too late.

"Our burning of fossil fuels, our destruction of nature, our approach to industry, construction and learning, our releasing of carbon into the atmosphere - we are already in trouble.”

But the broadcaster expressed optimism that the crisis can be averted - if action is taken now.

“You could and should witness a wonderful recovery,” he continued, pointing at the world leaders gathered in the crowd.

“That desperate hope is why the world is looking to you, and why you are here.”

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Video editor • Ben Anthony Horton