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This 'plant hotel' will babysit your greenery while you're on holiday

Welcome to the Patch Plant Hotel: the perfect getaway for your greeneries
Welcome to the Patch Plant Hotel: the perfect getaway for your greeneries Copyright Patch
Copyright Patch
By Sarah Palmer
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A hotel - for plants? We take a look at the bizarre world of bulb-y sitting.


Plant enthusiasts who are worried about leaving behind their beloved bulbs while they go on holiday can now rest easy.

The 21st century has really outdone itself this time, with a hotel that will provide your plants with a vegetation vacation while you’re away.

Yes, you read that right. Welcome to the Patch Plant Hotel, where your leafy friends will be looked after when you’re away from home.

What is the plant hotel?

You might be envisioning an oasis inspired by the outdoor world, where human guests mill about among cultivated gardens home to a whole host of plant species. The menu would of course be plant-based, and there might be daytime activities like rose pruning and flower arranging.

Well, you would be wrong. This hotel from Patch - a service dedicated to finding you the right greenery for your home - is exclusively for plants. A bulb-y sitting service, if you will.

And the best part? It’s free.

The Plant Hotel offers spa treatments and suites for your leafy friendsPatch

Okay, so… what is it again?

Located in North London, the hotel booking process is quite straightforward. You input your holiday details - date of departure, date of return - and how many indoor and outdoor plants you need to be homed during that time. Once you're in touch with the hotel manager, they will advise on picking up and dropping off your plants.

The hotel is open to both Patch and non-Patch customers and caters for all dietary requirements with its menu of vegan plant food. It has suites from the sun-soaked to the shady depending on your plant’s preference.

There’s even a spa service, with hand misting and deep tissue treatments for the leafy love of your life.

What mad genius sprouted this initiative?

Patch is a company cultivated by a man called Freddie Blackett. After moving into his girlfriend’s city apartment, Freddie dedicated himself to creating an urban oasis on their balcony.

Now, Patch operates as a service dedicated to bringing customers joy through tending for their plants. From pots to plant care, Patch offers a unique approach to personalised gardening.

As people have dealt with lockdowns all over the world, gardening has become a sanctuary for many, supporting our mental and physical health. It was listed as the second most popular activity, with more people creating their own patch of green space over the last 18 months. It seems there’s no better time to grow your own green thumb.

Find out more about Patch by visiting the website.

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