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Sex and sustainability: You can now save the planet by orgasming

Have you ever thought about the sustainability of your sex life?
Have you ever thought about the sustainability of your sex life? Copyright Womanizer / Canva
Copyright Womanizer / Canva
By Euronews Green
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Orgasms for organisms: how are sex toys being used to protect the environment?


The global sex toy market, predicted to be worth £27 billion by 2025, might not seem like a top target for sustainability - but one brand is looking to green up its credentials in an industry full of plastic.

Catering to a growing ‘Green Sex’ market, brands are starting to realise that sustainability is becoming an important factor in consumer choices when it comes to selecting new purchases.

Iconic brand Womanizer has launched an apparent world first in the world of eco-friendly sex toys: Premium eco, the first biodegradable, and recyclable, Pleasure Air toy. 

12 years ago Womanizer released the first pleasure air toy, and the technology has dominated the industry ever since. But as the world begins to focus on green alternatives, the company has decided to green up their most famous toy.

Orgasms to save the planet?

Premium eco is inspired by the best-selling Womanizer Premium. Instead of using ABS (a harmful plastic), the product is made of Biolene - a bioplastic made from 70 per cent of natural materials such as corn starch, making it both biodegradable and recyclable.

Womanizer states that the packaging is 100% plastic-free and is made of FSC paper, which can also be recycled. With every purchase of the Premium eco toy, Womanizer is planting a tree with charity One Tree Planted, who are working to end global deforestation and create a healthier climate.

You can literally trade pleasure for trees.Womanizer

“The sexual wellness industry has grown exponentially in recent years and the products are gaining more and more social acceptance,” says Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer.

“But as in many other industries, issues like plastic and environmental awareness are omnipresent and long-term solutions and approaches need to be found for this - for our and all future generations," she continues. 

"Premium eco is a first of many steps for Womanizer to make us more sustainable as a company.”

Pleasure for good

Womanizer reached out to the public to raise funds for One Tree Planted by offering discounted Premium Eco toys, hoping that conscious consumers would jump at the chance to support the project. Their gamble paid off and in just 48 hours the campaign was fully funded, showing there is a desire for greener sex toys.

As the first major, mass-produced recyclable sex toy, Premium eco is a major step towards a greener, more pleasurable future for everyone, by eliminating plastic and relying on renewable materials. 

Womanizer / Canva
Premium eco was fully funded in just 48 hours.Womanizer / Canva

Thanks to a modular design and a removable, rechargeable battery, the toy can be disassembled and the parts individually recycled once it comes to the end of its life, years from now.

Love Honey has also joined the green scream revolution (sorry). 

The Love Not War range is made from recycled skin-friendly aluminium and body-safe silicone. As an extra level of sweetness, every product's name is the word 'love' in a different language.

The green sex movement

As the ‘Green Sex’ movement grows, it’s clear that many of us care about the environment and show an interest in the environmental effects our choices in products have.

Condoms, sex toys and lubricants all contribute an estimated 222.9 million tonnes of waste annually in the UK alone, so Womanizer’s commitment to an eco-friendlier future will be a welcome one.

Would you research your next sex toys’ sustainability credentials?

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