The most environmentally friendly superhero revealed

The most eco-friendly superhero has been revealed.
The most eco-friendly superhero has been revealed. Copyright Getty via Canva
Copyright Getty via Canva
By Emilia Jansson
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Could it be the Hulk? Spider-man, Superman? Find out exactly what makes these superheroes lives sustainable.


Spider-Man is officially the greenest superhero in the universe.

A recent study by Save on Energy analysed and ranked every superhero your child loves, according to five different criteria. These included choice of weapon and transportation, the superhero’s ethos, types of powers and how much they are harming the planet on their quest to save the world!

With a total of 127 points, Spider-man is thought to lead the most sustainable lifestyle, shortly followed by Aquaman, Storm and Black Widow. Spider-man and Aquaman received high points for how they choose to get around - both choosing natural forms of transit. As we know, Spider-man famously swings himself across buildings and Aquaman swims at supersonic speed.

Sadly, Iron Man is the least green superhero, with only a single point for ethos and background. Batman was not far behind, perhaps understandably, the Batmobile is certainly a major source of pollution!

But who are the real life green superheroes?

Although these heroes may only exist in imaginary worlds, there are certain changemakers in the real world we should all be talking about.

From climate activists to wildlife veterans, here are four of the most powerful green figureheads helping us move towards a more sustainable planet earth.

1. Vanessa Nakate

24-year-old Vanessa is a climate justice activist from Uganda. She spends her time fighting for more African representation in the media, especially when it comes to environmental coverage.

Despite growing up very shy, she started visiting local schools to educate children about climate change. Last year she even decided to carry out a food strike.

2. Helena Sirén Gualinga

Having barely graduated from high school, this young Finnish-Ecuadorian activist is fighting to protect the Amazon rainforest from being destroyed by oil companies entering and drilling in territories belonging to tribes.

The Indigenous campaigner has spoken at the UN and continues to fight for her tribe and the rights to their land.

3. Greta Thunberg

This list would not be complete without the powerhouse that is Greta Thunberg. From a small, personal protest against the inaction towards climate change, she quickly rose to become one of the most iconic environmentalists.

Today, she inspires young people around the world to fight for a sustainable future.

4. David Attenborough

Beloved by Brits of all generations, Attenborough’s wisdom has shown the world why our planet is worth saving.

From his awe-inspiring documentaries to Instagram account, Attenborough continues to find ways to spread the message of a healthy, green planet where animals and humans coexist in peace and the destruction of nature is reversed.

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