9 eco-friendly remedies to nourish your skin during winter

Eco-friendly products to nourish the skin during winter.
Eco-friendly products to nourish the skin during winter. Copyright Getty
Copyright Getty
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There's something for all budgets in our list of eco-friendly skin remedies for the winter months.


Winter can be harsh on the skin, from dryness and dullness to cracked heels and inflammation. And with temperatures in Europe dropping in the run up to Christmas, our skin certainly needs a little extra TLC.

For some, the answer is to put a barrier between the elements and your skin, but that can cause blocked pores. Others rely on a host of artificial ingredients to defend against that chilling wind and pouring rain.

So, we've rounded up a list of the best eco-friendly products to save your skin from the effects of the cold and protect it from more damage.

'The Blue Cocoon' from May Lindstrom Skin - £159

This balm claims to be the saviour for a multitude of skin maladies, as you’d hope for a price in excess of £3 per millilitre. The inflammations, imbalances and dryness that can plague skin going into winter and cause redness and eruptions will be shown the boot. Meanwhile, the vegan formula claims to provide intense moisturisation while calming anxiety.

May Lindstrom skincare
The Blue Cocoon beauty balmMay Lindstrom skincare

'Hemp and Mushrooms' face serum - £13

The dewiness bestowed upon you by this serum will leave you looking fresh out of the womb. A lighter alternative to the balms and potions on this list, it moisturises without leaving a residue. The serum also contains dead sea minerals and vitamin C to give your skin an extra boost.

Moisturising socks and gloves - £19.99

These reusable gel socks and gloves promise to lock moisture in overnight. It’s a blessing for those who suffer with chapped hands and cracked heels during winter. They will keep your extremities silky smooth so they’re ready to flaunt in a pair of sandals when spring rolls round again.

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'Minty Fresh Body Cream' from Beauty Kitchen - £8

What’s different about Beauty Kitchen is its aluminium bottles. Use one, finish it and return it to Holland & Barrett stores for credit on your next Beauty Kitchen purchase. The bottles will be reused by the brand to create a system where it doesn’t have to constantly produce more bottles. And, to make things better, its Minty Fresh bodycream is not only Uber moisturising, but has enough zing to perk you up on a cold, winter morning.

'Drops of Youth Concentrate' from The Body Shop - £5

Sheet masks are all the rage but have come under fire for their negative impact on the environment. This one, however, is biodegradable meaning no fish will be harmed and no landfills in your pursuit of fresh-looking skin.

BYBI 'Babe Balm' - £18

Multipurpose intensive moisture for dry skin, wherever you need it. It can be used as lip balm, hand cream, cuticle balm or to rescue patches of dry skin around your body. Reviews also rave about its ability to add a dewy, natural look in place of makeup on eyelids and cheeks or give lashes and brows a boost.

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'Coconut & Lime Exfoliating Face Scrub' from Blushberry Botanicals - £10

An exfoliator to buff off the dry skin that cold, blustery weather will cause. Its all-natural vegan formulation will rid you of any dullnesss that comes with the short days. The dry rub comes in a metal case, containing organic coconut, rice flour, sugar and lime essential oil. Add a couple of drops of water to handful to transform into a paste.

Moisturizing 'Moon Mask' from Glossier - £18

We could feature Glossier’s entire skincare line in this list, but this ultra-moisturising face mask features hyaluronic acid and almond oil to give your skin an extra boost, leaving it glowy and glossy. It claims to oxygenate and soothe skin in addition to hydrating and conditioning.

'Supergel Oil-free Moisturiser' from Facetheory - £13.99

If your skin can’t handle the oils and heavy duty creams of many moisturisers, Facetheory has the solution. Its Supergel Oil-free Moisturiser is specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. It features aloe vera and green tea to soothe as well as Vitamins B and B3 to reduce pore-size and panthenol to hydrate. Best of all, it now comes in a recyclable aluminium tube.

We love beauty products that help the planet too. With something to suit every budget, these could also make great Christmas gifts.

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