Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for kids and people with kids

The best environmentally conscious presents to buy for parents and children.
The best environmentally conscious presents to buy for parents and children. Copyright Getty via Canva
Copyright Getty via Canva
By Marthe de Ferrer
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The best sustainable presents for the little ones - and people with little ones - in your life.


Shopping sustainably can feel overwhelming at the best of times - but when it comes to buying presents for children, it's a whole other world.

Kids are (slightly) more likely to break, lose, or grow out of gifts far quicker than adults - so choosing something long-lasting and eco-friendly is sometimes a challenge.

Luckily we've put together a list of the best green presents for children this Christmas, with a few added extras to give to the parents in your life too.

Personalised letter sets from Father Christmas and his elves

This is a truly gorgeous gift; it's unique, meaningful, and absolutely perfect for indoor family fun too. Whether we're in lockdown or it's just a rainy day, these letters help create magical memories for families - without a screen or electronic device in sight.

Each bundle of letters contains its own magical story, with an unfolding narrative, activities, and puzzles for families to do together.

You send the organisation a few key details about your child (name/age/whether you say Santa or Father Christmas), and a custom set of letters is delivered by elves shortly after.

The letters are made from recycled materials and are also fully compostable - so there's no unnecessary plastic waste being generated.

If you're really ahead of the game, the company also do an advent calendar pack. Though it's a little late for this year, it is possible to get a jump on Christmas 2021 and start preparing the 25 letter-set now.

Prices start from €18

International Elf Service
There are personalised options and different packages for different age groups.International Elf Service

Eco-friendly micro scooter

It's amazing how popular Micro scooters still are, now more than 20 years on from their first arrival on the market.

In January 2021, the beloved brand is about to become a whole lot more sustainable too, as they launch a product line made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. Old fishing nets, ropes, and trawls make up the ECO kids scooters, which are available for ages 2-5 and 5+.

Using 'green plastic' instead of new plastic reduces the carbon footprint of these products by over 80 per cent. Plus, the scooters still look cool as ever - just a little greener than before.

Prices start at €88

Micro Mobility
The scooters look as cool as ever, just a little greener.Micro Mobility

Creative subscription crates

This is the kind of gift that genuinely works for all ages. While researching this article I even decided to buy a subscription for an adult in my life too!

KiwiCo have eight different crates, for ages 0-104, covering a wide range of interests. If you've got a creative teen or a geographically minded pre-teen, there are options for everyone.

The Panda Crate is specifically for really young ones, with developmentally appropriate games and activities for babies. At the other end of the spectrum is the Doodle and the Eureka Crates, for ages 14 and over, which come with different artistic and engineering projects.

Prices start from around €20 a crate, with 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription options.

Eco stocking fillers

Envirotoy specialises in plastic-free products for children, and this year they have a dedicated section for stocking fillers.


From beautiful wooden bath toys to intricate construction sets, there are 16 options all under €16.

If you fancy something more substantial, there are heaps of other toys available - all sustainably produced and plastic-free. One of our favourites are the wooden balance boards, which are ideal for improving children's motor skills - and adults can use them to work on their core stability too!

Prices start from €9

Jewellery for new parents and parents-to-be

If you're buying something for expectant parents, we love this ultrasound necklace from Yummikeys.

Simply send in a high-res version of their 20 week ultrasound scan, and they turn it into a necklace - capturing a truly precious moment in time. The pieces are available in gold, silver, and rose gold finish.


Alternatively, if you're looking for a gift for someone breast-feeding, Yummikeys also have a feeding necklace, designed for little grabby hands to hold onto as they are fed.

Prices start from €25

Options for new or expectant parents.Yummikeys

Organic cotton baby sling

Another one for fairly new parents here. Amawrap have launched new range of their baby slings and wraps made of 100 per cent organic cotton.

The fabric is GOTS certified, which means the entire process of making the wrap has been audited and confirmed to be sustainable. Every stage adheres to responsible manufacturing guidelines, from where the cotton is grown to how it has been harvested to the production of the carrier.

Buy one for €50

It comes in oyster grey for a stylish finish.Amawrap

For more ideas for weird and wonderful Christmas gifts, check out our repurposed guide for bags made of fire hoses and notepads made from elephant poo!

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