Celebrate International Podcast Day with these eco-podcasts

From Ella Mills to Kamea Chayne - here are our favourite sustainable listens.
From Ella Mills to Kamea Chayne - here are our favourite sustainable listens. Copyright .
By Rosie Frost
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Five of the best podcasts covering sustainability, ethical living, and the environment.


Today is International Podcast Day - so we've rounded up the best eco-podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Podcasts have really taken off over the last few years as many people's media of choice. Easily accessible, they are a saviour for commuters as these short audio pieces can be downloaded to listen on the go. 

Not just that, but they are an easy way to let experts enlighten you about all kinds of interesting subjects. Pick something, plug in, and you can almost forget that you are shoulder to shoulder with pushy businessmen on the early morning intercity express.

Here at Euronews Living, we are definitely converts. With over half a million podcasts currently being made, there's bound to be something to pique everyone's interest in this ever evolving format. This seemingly endless choice can be pretty overwhelming, though, and the wrong choice could put a bad spin on the rest of your day.

To help you out we've put together a by-no-means-exhaustive list of some things we think you should listen to. Unsurprisingly, our go to morning listening is often about sustainability so here's a list of some of our best podcasts if you want to stay informed about environmentalism.


Each week, Ol and Dave, two supposed experts in environmentalism tackle pressing issues in a humorous way. This podcast styles itself as "for and by the confused" as the hosts try "to be cheery in the face of impending ecological disaster". Sustainababble is packed with dry, British humour to cut through the doom and gloom of trying to keep up with the ongoing climate crisis.

Both hosts work for environmental charities so you can expect in depth knowledge on climate issues despite the comic approach. They hope that by breaking things down in a simple way that their sustainability message will be a bit more accessible. With over 100 episodes there's enough to keep you entertained and educated on your morning commute.

For a taste of Ol and Dave's distinctive hosting style check out episode 97 with activist George Monbiot which opens with them calling him "a bit of a misery guts".

Wardrobe Crisis

Clare Press is Vogue Australia's Sustainability Editor-at-large and Wardrobe Crisis is her podcast where she quizzes experts about all your fashion concerns. As you'd imagine with Press's impressive history in journalism, she has extensive knowledge of the industry that she uses to get the best out of her guests on their expert subjects.

Expect subjects from cultural appropriation to the circular economy; it's definitely not a podcast that merely dips its toes in the water of positive fashion choices. Episodes will leave you keen to start googling and incensed at the injustices of the garment industry.

Press's ability to find herself sat down in front of a microphone with leading innovators, like this episode with Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Francois Souchet, reliably makes for some interesting, though provoking listening.

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Deliciously Ella

Husband and wife team, Ella and Matt Mills, are behind wellness brand Deliciously Ella. As well as running a deli, creating delicious plant-based foods, writing recipe books and looking after a growing social media community (phew!) the pair also host a podcast.

With a featured guest, they cover everything from physical health and well-being to nutrition to sustainability issues. One of our favourite episodes features a discussion with 'green carpet' movement founder and UN leader for change Livia Firth. 

The pair sit down with this "queen of sustainable fashion" to talk about everything from looking good while doing good to how responsible purchases can help the people who make our clothes.

Other subjects the Mills' have covered include achieving a balanced vegan diet, food waste and climate change, and how to have a healthy gut.

Green Dreamer

Kamea Chayne hosts this podcast that looks towards intersectional sustainability through conversations with thought leaders. Green Dreamer hopes to help listeners "learn what it means to thrive, in every sense of the word". Linking her audience with resources to help them make sure that they address environmental issues alongside social injustice, Chayne features a wide variety of guests.

In episode 172, Chayne speaks to Fashionista's Associate Editor, Whitney Bauck, about the psychology of consumerism. Touching on the influence of social media as well as the desire to buy things to make ourselves feel better. The podcast uses an approachable back to basics method to explain fast fashion to even the uninitiated.


Green Dreamer doesn't just explore fashion, Chayne also examines complex topics like gene-editing and economics. If you like variety this could be the listen for you.

Conscious Chatter

Looking into the impact of our fashion choices, Conscious Chatter sees Kestrel Jenkins chat with guests that range from owners of eco-friendly startups to internationally renowned writers. Jenkins started out at sustainable brand, People Tree, which inspired her to want to do something more to engage people in conscious fashion.

It doesn't skim the surface of sustainability, however, and a chat with Elizabeth Paton, New York Times Style writer, delves into the potential exploitation of cheap clothing manufacture. This episode is particularly enlightening as Jenkins asks about positive fashion's use of prison labour and whether or not this can ever be ethical. 

Paton talks about how, perhaps unexpectedly, luxury brands are using this form of labour to make their clothes and debates whether this can ever be beneficial to inmates. Its a very interesting listen if you feel like diving into some of the more complex issues in the industry.

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