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The world's largest rooftop garden has just opened in Paris

The world's largest rooftop garden has just opened in Paris
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The largest rooftop garden in the world has just opened in the French capital.

It is the latest in line to prove that large quantities of healthy food can be grown on a rooftop farm, rather than bought in the supermarket.

The environmental cost of shipping groceries around the world is enormous, generating what are known as food miles. As a result, more and more people are keen on buying local produce. According to an expert on urban agriculture, regional food production has the potential to change the future of food.

"If everyone really wants this to happen, we can provide, at a regional level, a 100 per cent of coverage of food for everyone," says Dr Rob Roggema, Professor of Spatial Transformations at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands.

This is technically achievable he says, but unlikely at the moment, as it "depends on all kinds of other factors, such as economics, politics and social acceptance." The question is, are we ready to adapt our diets to a more seasonal approach in exchange for a more sustainable food supply chain?