Die hard eco-warriors make their own Earth-friendly Christmas trees

Die hard eco-warriors make their own Earth-friendly Christmas trees
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By Doloresz Katanich
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All you need is some odd pieces of an old carpet or a dusty ladder.


Eco warriors are on a mission to make the holidays festive while ditching waste with these unusual DIY Christmas trees from around the world.

Many have taken to Facebook to show off their creations, but what do you think?

Janet Liddell-Woolston
Carpet Christmas treeJanet Liddell-Woolston

One brave DIYer used odd bits of carpet to make this Christmas tree. Janet Liddell-Woolston shared this picture with us on social media and added that the decorations are between 5 and 20 years old.

"The base is my camera tripod and it is all held together with strategic dressmaking pins from my creative toolbox. My Granny left me her sewing box which is a treasure trove of useful goodies I am always reusing for my creative hobbies which means the pins must be almost 80 years old," Janet told Euronews Living.

Ellen McAllister

You could use a small stepladder. It works great if you try to arrange some small lights, glass ornaments as well as plants on the ladder rungs and shelf. It is Ellen McAllister's creation, who added, "we decided to make a donation to charity instead of cutting a tree".

"We pulled the old stepladder out of the shed. It works great to display some treasured ornaments. New traditions! Fa-la-la-la-ladder!" However, it was last year, Ellen says they might make it stand again this Christmas.

Deborah Ann Affonso

Deborah Ann made her Christmas tree out of magazines this time but she can do it with a coconut palm frond or upcycled water bottles also, the options are limitless.

Zonja Du Preez

If you have a nice branch, probably destined to be disposed of anyway, some round ornaments and a few cones can make an ideal Christmas tree. There is always beauty in simplicity. Zonja from South Africa has shared these images with Euronews Living.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

A pile of books can decorate the living room with a nice candle on top, covered with lights. Toa Heftiba from the UK shared it saying that it is the creation of her beloved husband. Apparently all it takes is a little inspiration on a Sunday afternoon.

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