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7 eco-friendly gadgets people will actually want for Christmas

7 eco-friendly gadgets people will actually want for Christmas
By Euronews Living

This holiday season we're curating a series of guides to inspire your Christmas gift lists and help decide what to get others.

Each and every item has an eco-conscious or socially responsible ethos to counteract the consumerism wasteful nature of the festive season.

In this guide, we take a look at some environmentally-friendly gadgets to make your life easier at home or on the go.

Marley Liberate Air


These eco-conscious earbuds are designed using bamboo and natural wood fibre. They're also sweatproof and rain resistant with up to nine hours of battery life. When paired with the case, they provide up to 32 hours of listening.

Price: £129.99

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Cut your dependency on plastic bottles of fizzy pop and seltzers with a SodaStream. One gas canister will make up to 60 litres of your favourite drink, while bringing an air of 90s nostalgia to your kitchen decor.

Price: £44.99

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Solar Suntree

Cut down your electricity and never let your phone run out of juice again. So long as there's some daylight outside, this stylish tree turns the sun's rays into power.

Price: €99.95

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Say goodbye to store bought coffees and wasteful capsule pods that end up in landfill. Capsulier's reusable coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso machines. Just load roasted and ground into the pods, push the lever adn replicate an on-the-go pick-me-up for a fraction of the price.

Price: £99

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Google Nest Mini

The fabric and casing of the Google Nest Mini are created using two recycled plastic bottles each, and the beautiful new Sky colour is inspired by views of Italy’s Lake Como. Just ask and it will give you plenty of tips of how to make your yuletide more sustainable.

Price: £49

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Not just any Android, this phone is made to Fairtrade standards. It's designed to be repairable, with components made with recycled and ethically-sourced materials. Essentially, it's founders want the brand to care for people and planet, while doing everything you'd want from a phone.

Price: €450

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Little Sun

This wearable LED solar light is made as social enterprise donating lamps to off-grid African communities. It was designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen to be a work of art as well as functional. With nine hours of light, it's perfect for festival-goers and avid campers.

Price: £22.50

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