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London Fashion Week 2019: Insider View

London Fashion Week 2019: Insider View
Copyright  Helene Jeunet /Euronews
By Maeve Campbell

Yesterday we asked people on the street about sustainability and fashion. Can the two go together? Is eco-friendly fashion on their radar? Today we are heading inside the British Fashion Council, the hub of London Fashion Week, to see what fashion students, designers and influencers think is the best way forward for #positivefashion.

Here's what these industry experts have to say about how they shop and brands that they love.



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“So I work for the British Fashion Council. For me, the way you dress is the way you’re putting yourself across. I believe that fashion is reflecting what’s on the inside - on the outside. For years I didn’t follow trends much but now there’s so much change happening. What an exciting time for sustainability - and finding your own creative voice!”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“I’m from Russia. In terms of my outfit, everything I have matches and is bright and colourful. I don’t have anything bright. Today I went bold to wake myself up because I’m so tired from Fashion Week. I am a positive fashion designer, I work with Indigenous artisans in Panama and practice hand screen printing, I also hand dye my clothes so I can control both water and dye waste.”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“I’m a graduate fashion designer and these are my sustainable designs. This is Hector the dog, he’s part of the outfit. It’s all telling a narrative about a dinner party, where the dog listens in to the conversations!”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“I was going to wear a kimono but it’s too much of a faff. I’ve had this dress for 10 years and thought I would wear it as I am really into sustainable fashion. I wear old clothes in different ways and then accessorise them - like with this hat, which is made by a designer who uses off cuts.”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“What I’m wearing is from Zara, I wish it was more sustainable ! But I’m super interested in eco-friendly/conscious fashion. I came to London from Northumberland because London is the hub of sustainable fashion and it’s really inspiring”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“With my style, I like to mix Masculinity and femininity together, to break down boundaries. So these boots and my handbag are feminine, but I’m wearing them with a masculine boiler suit!”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“This dress is made by a designer I love called Sian Robinson, who I try to support. And this is of course a vintage bag. I love vintage.”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“Everything I’m wearing is vintage! Except the’ve got to buy doc martens new because they last forever. I got this dress on Depop.”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“Thank you I love this dress! I’m a designer based in Ibiza, I spend all my time supporting small designers and sustainable designers as they deserve it. In fact I'm working on a project at the moment with project zero.”



Maeve Campbell /Euronews

“I’m a stylist, this outfit is inspired by Saint Laurent’s last collection, I feel it has a touch of ‘dynasty’. What I’m wearing is not that sustainable but I really believe in reusing clothes and am mindful of not buying as many new clothes, especially because of my job.”