5 sustainable and stylish furniture brands in Europe

By Lucy Wagstaffe
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We have listed 5 European brands that make high-quality furniture with the smallest environmental impact.


We are all trying to do our bit to live our lives more sustainably. But have you thought about the environmental impact of your sofa that you relax into after a busy week or whether the trees used to make your wooden kitchen table are replaced in a forest? We have provided you with 5 brands across Europe that aim to make furniture with the smallest environmental impact.

Adventures in Furniture

Adventures in Furniture is a London-based company, with showrooms in Islington and Chiswick that delivers to the UK. More than 90% of their pieces are manufactured in Europe and ensure that their products are made of 100% solid wood, are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified or recycled wood. The FSC certification illustrates that the wood sourced for the furniture is from sustainable forests. Forests are managed, trees are replanted but also biodiversity in forests is protected. They aim to build structurally and aesthetically high quality furniture pieces that will last a lifetime. Pictured above is the Ethnicraft Teak Wave Book Rack from £2,409.

Grüne Erde

The Austrian company Grüne Erde prioritises respecting the relationship between nature and humans and is committed to creating socially and ecologically responsible products. With sustainability in mind, Grüne Erde designs high-quality products with natural and renewable materials. The high-end eco-furniture company uses only solid wood from European forests, 75% of which is from Austrian forests that are regulated by forestry law; reforestation is necessary after wood harvest. The furniture is also GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) which means its entire production chain has an organic and eco seal of approval. Pictured above is the Tonda Bed with Upholstered Bedding from 2.815,83€.


Founded in Copenhagen in 2006 but available in London, Copenhagen & Hamburg, Mater likes to give a second life to waste and scrap materials whilst creating state of the art furniture. Mater is committed to recycling and reusing materials that would otherwise be single-use. For example, their aluminium products are made using partially recycled car components and bicycle wheels. Their state of the art Ocean Chairs collection takes reusing materials to the next level. The process to make this innovative design involves washing used fishnets, drying and shredding them, turning the shreds into pellets that are then used to manufacture the ocean waste chairs. Mater also uses mango wood that would have been previously burnt or left to break down naturally when the tree no longer bears fruit, a new tree is planted. Pictured above is the Ocean Chair from £169.00 and Ocean Table from £395.


Bolia has a range of products made from Bergo fabric which is polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and no new raw materials are used in the production. Furthermore, they use 100% wool, recycled cotton and fabrics are 100% free of metals such as nickel, lead or chromium. The leather used in the collections is fully traceable and this transparency allows you to follow its journey from farmer to home. Furniture is only produced in Europe and their philosophy prioritises making furniture to last. Pictured above is the 3 Seater Sofa with Chaise Longue from 3.883€. 


Based in Berlin, Ekomia promises environmentally friendly furniture production and pollution-free materials. The German furniture company uses organic solid wood to make high quality pieces that are durable and easily repaired if there are dents or scratches. Solid wood furniture pieces also require a lot less glue than other types of processed wood such as chipboard. The eco-furniture is also protected in recycled paper and cardboard for the packaging to prevent any unnecessary waste. The furniture is taking directly from production to your home and Ekomia also finances reforesting projects via the [**Atmosfair**](https://www.atmosfair.de/de/ compensator) to reduce carbon emissions produced during transportation. When you go to the checkout they let you know how many trees will be replanted as a result of your order! Pictured above is the Lowboard Kreuzberg made with wild oak from 1.000€.

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