Contraceptive jewellery, the science behind burn-outs and other news

Contraceptive jewellery, the science behind burn-outs and other news
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Here is our curated selection of the top five wellness trends and products that caught our eye this month.


Here is our curated selection of the top five wellness trends and products that caught our eye this month.

Luxury In-Flight Wellness

Luxury hotel group Four Seasons is set to launch an ultra-posh private jet that will have wellness experts and a doctor aboard each flight. The entirely customised plane has 48 handcrafted seats made with Italian leather by Poltrona Frau and designed by premier seat maker Optimares. The layout was designed with socialising in mind, including ottomans at the end of each seat and a lounge where travellers can gather to enjoy workshops hosted by chefs, mixologists and wellness influencers.

While the jet will only take to the skies in 2021, bookings open in the middle of this year. Start saving though, as tickets for a trip on the hotel giant’s current private plane will set you back $147,000 per person.

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Burn-Out is Real

Burn-out has always been considered more a feeling of being run-down, rather than a legitimate health issue. But now, the World Health Organisation has announced it’s a real malady. The not-for-profit added burn-out to its International Classification of Diseases, meaning that from 2020 it will become recognised globally as a medical condition.

Defined as “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”, burn-out is recognised by symptoms including depleted energy or exhaustion, mental distance or negative feelings towards your job, or reduced workplace efficiency. The condition refers only to feelings relating to work though, and can’t be applied to explain symptoms arising from other life situations.

Contraceptive Jewellery

Those who are a little squeamish when it comes to implanted or injected methods of birth control will rejoice at the arrival of jewellery contraception. According to Dezeen, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have invented a method that allows the drugs to be absorbed through skin contact via the back of an earring. Requiring a weekly change, the small contraceptive patch can also be worn inside a ring, on a necklace clasp or behind a watch strap.

The inconspicuous mode of contraception offers a more convenient and appealing way to exercise precaution than many of the options currently available.

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Live at the Gym

The spaces where we live, work, exercise and play are slowly blending together, as instant accessibility and gratification become our priority. Elite fitness brand Life Time is proof of this, creating a luxurious apartment concept that provides fitness fanatics the perfect home. Initially available in Las Vegas, Miami and Dallas from 2020, the high-end residences will be built next to Life Time fitness clubs, with membership costs built into the rent fee. People living in the apartments will also gain access to the company’s 140 other workout locations, a perfect perk for those active types who like to travel.

Digital Detox or Die

Choosing to do away with your phone may help you live longer, according to an article in The New York Times exploring the impact of smartphone use. Time spent on our phones raises the level of stress-related hormone cortisol in our bodies, which is harmful to our health in the long run. Consistently elevated cortisol levels have been linked to health issues, from depression and obesity, to fertility problems and heart attacks.

Considering Britons are so addicted to their smartphones that they check them every twelve minutes, this is worrying. If you’re not ready to do away with the device just yet, try turning off all notifications or hide the apps that cause you anxiety in a folder away from your home screen.

Words: Kate Johnson

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