The art of recycling

The art of recycling
By Euronews
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This British artist creates sculptures using old cardboards.


Cardboard isn’t the first material that comes to mind when people think of art, neither plastic bags, old VHS cassettes and floppy disks or clothing. However, these are all mediums of art forms around the world, celebrating creativity as well as rising attention to the importance of recycling.

Khalil Chishtee

Khalil Chishtee is a Pakistanese artist who creates life-size sculptures out of recycled plastic bags of all kinds: grocery bags, trash bags etc. For the first sight, they might carry some darkness and melancholy, which reflects the creator's own experiences. As his choice of medium is items which are used once and then discarded, it already adds to the meaning of his work, one part of that is a commentary on waste and consumption, and one part reflection of the human experience.

Guerra de la Paz is a group of Cuban born artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz who live and work in Miami and have been collaborating since 1996. They use original and unusual items, for example, recycled clothing is their signature material to compose "sculptures". Their pieces of art often carry a sociopolitical message and questions our consumption society.

Nicholas Gentry is a British artist, and his choice of medium is recycled and obsolete technological materials, such as compact disks, film negatives, X-rays, VHS cassettes and floppy disks. By his paintings, the artist aims to create a conversation between digital and analogue processes. He gets the materials directly from members of the public in a collaborative ‘social art’ project.

Nicholas Gentry
Profile Number 16Nicholas Gentry

Since he lost his right leg to bone cancer over 20 years ago, James Lake works with the medium of cardboard to create large-scale 3D sculptural pieces. Click on the video player above to watch his creations.

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