Bees find a shelter on the rooftops of Paris

Bees find a shelter on the rooftops of Paris
Copyright  Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
By Euronews

Urban beekeeping is a quickly emerging trend in the French capital.

Bees are under threat.

They are crucial for the environment, and their presence is also good for the economy, but over the last twenty years mortality rates among rural bee populations in France and western Europe have risen 10-fold.

However, these creatures can find partial salvation in an unlikely place. Paris rooftops to the rescue!

In the heart of the big city, these bees are not only safe from the harms of the countryside but they can still find a wide range of flowers and trees, such as lime trees, Mexican orange blossoms, rosemary and thyme flowers and lavender at different times of the year.

Click on the video above and see how some of the finest honey is made on the rooftops of the French capital, moreover on the city's most emblematic buildings including the Musée d'Orsay, the Hotel National des Invalides and the Monnaie de Paris, the headquarters of the Paris mint.

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