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Ukrainian food artist creates delicious paintings

Ukrainian food artist creates delicious paintings
Copyright  Daryna Kossar/Instagram
By Euronews  with Reuters

Cities made of cheese and meat, a portrait of Eddie Murphy made of Oreo cookies, and of Whoopi Goldberg of chocolate sauce are just some of the Ukrainian food artist Daryna Kossar's impressive works.

Trained as a psychologist, she used to work as a personal assistant when she decided to give up that job and start a food art Instagram account five years ago.

Since then she has been combining her creative and cooking skills in order to turn ordinary food products into colourful and edible masterpieces.

D A R Y N A K O S S A R (@darynakossar) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Being inspired by every product, which is a substitute for a certain kind of paint for Daryna, she always carries a small notebook with her to immediately capture ideas on paper.

But Daryna's creativity goes far beyond food products; she also uses cosmetics for painting her pictures.

Fascinated by the artist's talent, French designer Christian Louboutin commissioned her to do a whole campaign for his new cosmetics product line called Aloha Louboutin.

Writer: Doloresz Katanich with Reuters