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Designers and their homes - A Derbyshire 1990s time capsule

Jack Walters' home is full of '90s motifs - and his living room is a tribute to the decade's stylistic flair
Jack Walters' home is full of '90s motifs - and his living room is a tribute to the decade's stylistic flair Copyright Copyright Jack Walters
Copyright Copyright Jack Walters
By Saskia O'Donoghue
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Don't look back in anger if you're missing the 90's as you're not alone. Euronews Culture takes a look inside ceramicist Jack Walters' 1990s themed home in Derbyshire, England


Despite being born in the late 1990s, Jack Walters is a huge fan of the decade - and his wonderful home in the Peak District in Derbyshire reflects his love for the halcyon days pre-millennium.

Jack and his boyfriend Matt moved to the property in the village of Litton in the East Midlands of England just under four years ago and he told Euronews Culture it’s taken nearly that long to transform the house into its current glory.

When they moved in, every room was painted white and the ‘90s kitchen units had been grey - which Jack says, “made the room feel very cold”. This stark appearance didn’t put Jack off though, he explains, “The house was a blank canvas which worked in our favour”.

The 1990s decor is the antithesis of clean lines and sometimes bland, minimalistic trends often found in homes today - and Gen Z are fans too, with over 18,000 people following his TikTok account which documents his admiration for the decade.

Copyright Jack Walters
Jack's bedroom is pure 1990s - even down to the bold wallpaper and contrasting coloursCopyright Jack Walters

Jack loves the ‘90s look as bold colours and patterns were layered in unusual ways - and because it harks back to a time when technology was far more simple than it is now.

“As a self confessed social media addict not having any connection seems daunting but not knowing any difference was a luxury my parents had and I’m sometimes envious of that,” he says, “The cosy decor and close family connections without social media and smartphones drew me in and it went from there”.

Jack has always been inspired by all aspects of ‘90s culture from the music - favourites include Blur and the Spice Girls - to the cars. He owns a 1999 Daihatsu Cuore and a 1995 Ford Mondeo which he tinkers with in his spare time, when he’s not studying for his Masters degree in ceramics or working in a pottery shop.

He has happy memories of childhood outings going to flea markets and charity shops and that tradition hasn’t stopped, with thrift shops now added into the mix.

Copyright Jack Walters
Jack has created a cosy living room which transports visitors to the laidback decadeCopyright Jack Walters

The interior design of Jack’s home is also inspired by his late grandmother’s house, which included a chicken themed kitchen and green living room. He says, “She had such a playful approach to interior design especially in the ‘90s. Despite not being a creative person her home had a flare that was authentically her and I always wanted to recreate it”.

Jack’s own kitchen is decorated in a kitschy lemon theme, which he plucked from a 1997 Laura Ashley magazine - he says he loves how fun and cheerful it is.

Copyright Jack Walters
Jack's kitchen is inspired by his late grandmothers' with its chicken theming and by a 1997 edition of a Laura Ashley magazineCopyright Jack Walters

That feeling is mirrored by visitors to the home who, Jack explains, always compliment him on how homey and cosy it is - and how it awakens the nostalgia of their childhoods.

Jack is dedicated to making his ‘90s space as authentic as possible and isn’t afraid to spend years tracking down specific pieces. One abstract print rug in his sitting room took him 5 years to find - and he’s still on the hunt for a ‘90s IKEA Vajer chest of drawers which is near impossible to come by.

Copyright Jack Walters
The quaint exterior of Jack Walters' home gives no indication as to the interior's appearanceCopyright Jack Walters

If you’re keen to emulate Jack’s interior style vibe, he says the number one necessity is colour, saying, “As soon as we added colour to our home it came alive. The grey interiors of today have never appealed to me and I’ve always found colours can really affect your mood and well-being”.

Having spent years on the hunt for specific pieces to add to his home, he also advises patience and persistence, explaining it’s crucial to take your time to find the perfect element for your dream look. Jack also says not to overlook anywhere at all for that ideal item, urging, “Look everywhere, online charity shops, skips, garden sales anywhere you can find a hidden gem or a bargain”.

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