A light and airy corner of Matilde Mourinho's London townhouse
A light and airy corner of Matilde Mourinho's London townhouse Copyright Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling
Copyright Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling
Copyright Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling

Designers and their homes - Matilde Mourinho's London town house

By Saskia O'Donoghue
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Matilde Mourinho, the daughter of football manager Jose, invites Euronews Culture into her stunning London abode


Matilde Mourinho may be the daughter of legendary football manager Jose, but she’s making a name for herself, having founded MATILDE Jewellery, a sustainable fine jewellery brand which launched in December 2020.

The decor throughout her townhouse in London’s exclusive Chelsea Harbour was hugely inspired by her work. Designed in collaboration with Threads Interiors, the newly established service from the Threads Styling, a personalised luxury shopping and styling service, Matilde will celebrate a year in her property in May.

She launched her brand MATILDE during the pandemic and working from home meant that she knew her next dwelling had to be appropriate for serious quiet contemplation and also leisure. “I really had to keep in mind that this would be a space to relax as much it was going to be a space to work, and I wanted to achieve a balance of those two things,” she tells Euronews Culture.

Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling
Matilde Mourinho in her Chelsea homeCopyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling

Matilde explains how the colour palette in her home is “quite neutral and really takes inspiration from natural elements and shapes, things that heavily inspire the jewellery I create. So many pieces like the dining table, the shelf, the wavy mirrors – I really love their shape and how imperfect they are – you will see very few sharp and straight edges around the house and more fluid and organic shapes”.

She was also inspired by her mother’s interior style. As her family moved around a lot when she was younger her mother always made sure that every place they lived felt like home, regardless of how long they lived there.

Although she only moved into the house last year, it was built in 1986 and, while Matilde says it was already an amazing property, she owes a lot of the interior design to her mother, Matilde Faria, calling her “the brains behind the operation”, adding “I trust her taste more than anyone’s… I think that makes it that much more special because it was a project that she played such a big role in and she couldn’t have done it better”.

Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling
Matilde's dining area is full of clean lines and quirky touches including art, light fixtures and mirrorsCopyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling

Matilde says creating a homely feel was crucial during the interior design process of her impressive house, but she made sure it wasn’t too stuffy or traditional either. She says she took inspiration from “natural elements and shapes for the décor, just a space that felt relaxing and easy to be in”, adding, “I also am 26 and I wanted part of the house to be a bit more ‘fun’ and young, so my studio on the top floor is where that comes in. It’s both my office as well as a lounge area, and it has more colour and more fun elements to it like a neon sign that says ‘Matilde Jewellery’ which is on the wall behind my desk, and the iconic Ultrafragola Mirror [designed by Ettore Sottsass]”.

Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling
Matilde's office space, complete with the iconic Ultrafragola mirrorCopyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling

Talking about her favourite areas and pieces in the house, Matilde cites the mirror as well as the Alpha Sofa from French interior and furniture designer Pierre Paulin, explaining, “I think a good sofa really makes a house a home. This is where I have friends and family over, where I do my movie nights, and what I spend my Sundays on but of course, I am absolutely terrified of anyone sitting on it because it’s so white and perfect that I won’t risk anyone ruining it!”

Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling
One of Matilde's living spaces featuring the Alpha sofa by Pierre PaulinCopyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling

She says that her home is a real reflection of her personality and style and that everyone who comes to visit comments that it is ‘so her’ - but, Matilde laughs, they complain about the number of stairs!

Although Matilde’s house is an exceptionally impressive space, she has advice for anyone inspired by it looking to achieve a similar aesthetic, saying, “I would say just have fun with it. Go for the pieces that you are drawn to and that call you, in the end it’s your space so it must feel right for you”.

Copyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling
Matilde's ultra glamorous master bedroomCopyright Freddie Frantos @Threads Styling

Her top piece of advice though? Use Pinterest as a resource. Matilde says, “Just gather images and references of things that you’re drawn to and very quickly you will start to see it come together and that will help define your style”.

You can learn more about Matilde and her jewellery company at matildejewellery.com

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