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Someone's made a new Oasis album with AI and Liam Gallagher thinks it is "mega!"

Liam Gallagher performs at the Reading Music Festival, 2021.
Liam Gallagher performs at the Reading Music Festival, 2021. Copyright Scott Garfitt/Copyright 2021 The AP. All rights reserved.
Copyright Scott Garfitt/Copyright 2021 The AP. All rights reserved.
By Katy Dartford
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The eight-track album by indie band Breezer appears to have received the seal of approval from the singer.


Liam Gallagher has given the thumbs up to an AI Oasis album that recently went viral, describing it as "mega".

The eight-track album, called 'The Lost Tapes Volume I', emerged earlier this week and is the brainchild of Hastings indie band Breezer. 

According to the YouTube description, Breezer became fed up with waiting for the iconic Brit-pop band to reform and took it upon themselves to make their own 30-minute Oasis album in the style of their heyday between 1995 and 1997 and credited it to AIsis.

The lyrics and music were written and recorded by Breezer, but the Liam Gallagher-sounding vocals were all created using Artificial Intelligence.

Breezer singer Bobby Geraghty created the album by cutting up various 'a cappella' recordings of Liam to train AI to imitate his voice. “Obviously, our band sounded exactly like Oasis. So then all I had to do was replace my vocals with Liam’s,” he told the Guardian.

But he emphasises that although Liam is fake, all the music and lyrics are Breezer’s.

“AI is still very much controlled by the user. You need to feed it exactly what it needs to replicate. I don’t think it’s at the point where AI could write a song. Although, having said that, a lot of people have asked if the music was AI-generated, which it’s not,” said Geraghty.

AI-produced music is currently causing some controversy, with a song claiming to be Drake and The Weeknd pulled from streaming services earlier this week.

But it doesn't seem to have offended fans, who have viewed it nearly 200,000 times. 

Some users also wrote in praise of the album: “I was expecting something boring, but I was surprised! It was so good that I think you guys should record it with your own singer's voice and release it as Breezer. Yes, it reminds me a lot of Oasis, but it has a lot of originality, it's a much more modern sound...and as already mentioned here, you might as well try selling these compositions to Liam! Get in touch with him on Twitter".

Another quipped: "I think you guys have discovered a version of Liam that Noel can work with."

Gallagher himself also seems to approve, writing on Twitter: “Not the album heard a tune. It’s better than all the other shizzle out there.”

He told another follower that he thought the project was “Mad as fuck” and that “I sound mega”.

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