Spanking, cocaine and magic mushrooms: Prince Harry reveals more about his royal life

A woman holds a copy of "En La Sombra" (In the Shadow), the Spanish translation of Prince Harry's memoir "Spare" in Barcelona.
A woman holds a copy of "En La Sombra" (In the Shadow), the Spanish translation of Prince Harry's memoir "Spare" in Barcelona. Copyright AP/Copyright 2023 The AP. All rights reserved
Copyright AP/Copyright 2023 The AP. All rights reserved
By Euronews with AP
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Prince Harry claims he killed 25 people while serving as an Apache helicopter co-pilot and gunner in 2012. He also makes alarming allegations about his life before Meghan.


Prince Harry says his brother William physically attacked him during a ferocious argument - one of many startling allegations in a new memoir that includes revelations about the estranged royal's drug-taking, first sexual encounter and role in killing people during his military service in Afghanistan.

In the ghostwritten memoir, titled 'Spare,' Harry said that his brother Prince William lashed out during a furious argument over the siblings' deteriorating relationship.

The incident is just one in a slew of allegations that have come to light as excerpts of the book have been leaked ahead of its publication on Tuesday.

The memoir exposes painful, intimate - and in some cases contested - details about the lives of Harry and other members of the royal family. 

The book is the latest in a string of public revelations and accusations by Harry and his wife, US actress Meghan Markle, that have shaken Britain’s royal family.

Deadly Afghanistan operation

Canva Photo
Prince Harry has revealed he killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving in AfghanistanCanva Photo

It includes Harry's assertion that he killed 25 people while serving as an Apache helicopter co-pilot and gunner in 2012 as part of Britain's military campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

He said he felt neither pride nor shame about his actions, and in the heat of battle regarded enemy combatants as pieces being removed from a chessboard.

Harry spent a decade in the British Army - years he has described as his happiest because they allowed him a measure of normality - before taking up full-time royal duties in 2015.

Losing his virginity

In the book, Harry also describes his rebellious teenage years. He recounts how he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field behind a pub - yes, you read that right.

"I was a 17-year-old willing to try almost anything that would upset the established order. At least that was what I was trying to convince myself of," the Duke of Sussex writes. 

He goes on to explain that he lost his virginity in a field behind a "very busy pub" - where the older woman treated him like a "young stallion". 

"I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my ass and sent me away," he says.

"One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us."

Cocaine, magic mushrooms and marijuana

Arthur Edwards/AP
Britain's Princes William, left, and Harry talk at the opening of a fountain built in memory of their mother, the late Princess of Wales, from 2004Arthur Edwards/AP

For the first time, Prince Harry has admitted he has taken cocaine - revealing that he took it during a hunting weekend in the summer of 2002 when he was 17 and did “a few more lines” on other occasions. 

"It wasn't very fun, and it didn't make me feel especially happy as seemed to happen to others, but it did make me feel different, and that was my main objective. To feel. To be different," he writes. 

He also recalls how he once tripped on magic mushrooms at a party with his friends. 

“We spotted a huge box of black diamond mushroom chocolates. Someone behind me said they were for everybody. Help yourself, boys. My mate and I grabbed several, gobbled them, and washed them down with tequila,” writes the Prince. 

He then describes the hallucinations he saw. 


“Beside the toilet was a round silver bin, the kind with a foot pedal to open the lid. I stared at the bin. It stared back. Then it became... a head. I stepped on the pedal and the head opened its mouth. A huge open grin," he explains. 

"Now the loo became a head too. The bowl was its gaping maw, the hinges of the seat were its piercing silver eyes. It said, ‘Aaah’," he adds. 

In a newly released clip from an interview with UK broadcaster ITV, the Duke of Sussex also discusses marijuana use saying "it's important to acknowledge" what he did.  

"Bigoted" views before meeting Meghan Markle

In another just released clip from his forthcoming interview on “60 Minutes,” Prince Harry acknowledges his own faults while talking about how the British press mistreated his mixed-race wife.

He admits to possibly being “bigoted” before his relationship with Meghan began.


"Put it this way, I didn't see what I now see," explains Harry.

How have people reacted to the recent reports on Twitter?

For more watch Euronews' report in the video above.

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