Photographer Daniel Grecu's lens for mother nature
Copyright  Daniel Grecu

Photographer Daniel Grecu's lens for mother nature

By Euronews

Daniel Grecu's photojournalist character has been self-built from zero and has accomplished features on the platforms of prestigious magazines like National Geographic

From Giurgiu, Romania, Daniel Grecu is this month’s European Lens featured photographer.

Grecu’s work is impeccable: he produces striking images out of ordinary scenes, thanks to his wonderful colour management, lighting and composition.

Daniel’s collaborative spirit is also worth noting. He has been a faithful follower of our Facebook page for more than five years: a period during which he has submitted dozens of his photographs, several of which have been featured on our page for their relevance and singular value.

He has constructed his photojournalist character from zero, leading to features on the platforms of prestigious magazines like National Geographic, as well as in those of photography giant Nikon.

Daniel Grecu

He insists that his style is the lack of it, but there is an unmistakable sensibility towards nature, especially animals, which he loves to shoot with his telephoto lens.

Daniel Grecu

We spoke to Daniel to find out more about his photographic journey. He is extremely modest but very talented.

How did your photography journey start?

I started with family photos, then with nature and flowers. It soon started to be a passion for me and I began to invest more in it, both with time and money, to acquire the proper gear. I like to take photographs because it allows me to highlight things that go unnoticed by other people.

Daniel Grecu

What are your travel essentials and what camera do you use?

When travelling I always have a camera and a laptop with me. The laptop helps me view the photos at a high resolution and, therefore, enables me to identify the best settings and exposures. Viewing everything on the big screen also brings me back to beautiful places to which I paid little attention in the moment.

I use a Nikon D7200 with three lenses: wide -Nikkor 18-70, Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8 and a telephoto Nikkor 70-300 mm.

Daniel Grecu

How would you describe your style of photography?

The lack of it is my style. I do not have a specific one. I like to photograph nature, people, cities, animals. I like to try different approaches and get the best angle for each subject. I like to experiment.

Daniel Grecu

What is your favourite place or thing to photograph? Why?

I like Bucharest because it's a big city, and we have many subjects to choose from: a historic centre, big buildings, many weekly events, old streets, a big urban scene, parks, nature, lakes, and, of course, people!

Daniel Grecu

Favourite European location and why?

Greece. I love the blue hue of the sea there.

What is the most memorable photo you’ve ever taken?

A picture I took at two in the morning of Bucharest from above. This was the photo cover of Euronews on Facebook!

Daniel Grecu

Whose work has influenced you most?

My mother's painting.

Daniel Grecu

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