US singer Hilary Duff bounces back with fifth album

US singer Hilary Duff bounces back with fifth album
By Euronews

US singer Hilary Duff is back on the music scene.

The 27-year-old’s released her fifth studio album, “Breathe In. Breathe Out” after a break of almost eight years.

“Sparks,” the third single from the album, has already notched up over five million clicks on YouTube since May.

“It wasn’t the right time until it was, you know, until I was inspired and I felt like I had stuff to say,” said Duff.

“Everything on the record I connect to, whether I wrote it or I didn’t. It grabbed me in a certain way and I wanted to tell the stories.

“They are very relatable, you know, my relationship of anybody else’s, we’ve all been through it before. There is difficult stuff on the record and then there is happy breezy stuff on the record.”

Texas-born Duff has sold around 15 million copies of her albums worldwide.

During her break from music, she married a Canadian hockey player and gave birth to their son. She and her husband separated last year.

Duff says “Breathe In. Breathe Out” is all about coping with life.

“I think we all should remember to make all of those breaths count, through the good times and the bad times,” she explained.

“You know, just remembering to take a moment and to breathe in and breathe out and let something really soak in, or help move through something.

“We should appreciate it all, and it’s something that I think has really helped me through the past, you know, three years, or eight years, through life obviously.”

Duff’s latest album is stuffed full of upbeat pop tunes. Some, you might say, echoing the style of the likes of Kylie and Britney Spears.

“Breathe In. Breathe Out” is available now.