Dozens pulled out of Mediterranean after a boat capsized, in dramatic night rescue

249 people were rescued from the waters by Médecin sans frontières
249 people were rescued from the waters by Médecin sans frontières Copyright AP Photo
Copyright AP Photo
By Euronews with AP
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In total, the Médecin Sans Frontières ship rescued 249 people, including many children, over the weekend.


A dramatic night-time rescue by a non-profit ship in the Mediterranean saved dozens of people after a boat capsized off the coast of North Africa.

The packed boat was riding low in the water as the crew from the 'Geo Barents' ship approached.

The rescue team managed to distribute lifejackets and began taking people aboard rescue dinghies when their fibreglass boat flipped over leaving 45 people in the water.

Geo Barents managed to rescue all 75 people that night and saved 249 people over the course of the weekend in three rescue missions. 

On X, Medicines Sans Frontiers said the rescued people were slowly recuperating from the trauma and shock following the incident and the situation on board is now calm. 

The post added that Geo Barents is heading towards Marina di Carrara, in the North of Italy, designated as a place of safety.

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