Russia’s invasion of Ukraine spills over into Moldova

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By Euronews
The village of Naslavcea in northern Moldova
The village of Naslavcea in northern Moldova   -   Copyright  Sergei Grits/Copyright 2022 The AP. All rights reserved

A Russian missile that was shot down by Ukrainian air defences fell on a village in the North of Moldova on Monday, according to government reports.

The country's interior ministry said the missile fell on Naslavcea, close to the Ukrainian border. 'So far there are no reported victims, but the windows of several houses in Naslavcea were destroyed,' it added.

It's the latest spillover of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to the former Soviet state and it's led to some citizens fearing what could come next.

Inca, an actress in the capital, Chișinău, said "I was afraid to think about what I would feel if I lived where the missiles landed. And also, God forbid, what if a rocket would come into my house, near my child and my family."

Three weeks ago, Moldova said that Russian cruise missiles targeting Ukraine had crossed its airspace and summoned Moscow's envoy to demand an explanation.

Like its neighbour, it was a former Soviet state, and is not part of the EU or the NATO military alliance. Moldova also has a small breakaway region, Transnistria, which hosts over 1,000 Russian ‘peacekeeping’ forces.