The Piano with the first Black Steinway certified technician in Africa (INSPIRE AFRICA)

Tshepiso Ledwaba, South African Piano technician
Tshepiso Ledwaba, South African Piano technician   -  Copyright  c
By Jerry Fisayo-Bambi

So I want to have more people living in Africa, being certified Steinway technicians and having nice careers in music and servicing all our pianos. We do have pianos; we have a lot of pianos. .. So if we have more people doing it, there's really less reason to not just tune pianos" Tshepiso Ledwaba

Welcome to a new episode of INSPIRE AFRICA.

On this episode, host Jerry Fisayo-Bambi presents the story of the #Slum2School project in Nigeria taking out of school children into schools for learning opportunities.

In Nigeria, primary education is officially free and compulsory yet the west African nation records about 10.5 million out of school children, the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. Slum2School a volunteer driven initiative started by social entrepreneur Otto Orondaam is seeking to address the challenge.

Then we head to South Africa and our first stop there is Johannesburg.

A fashion designer who started the Make Good NGO has an innovation that addresses homeless people.

Carlo Gibson is turning jackets into sleeping bags for homeless people. The sleeping bags helps to protect them from cold among other things.

And a little later on the show, we speak with Tshepiso Ledwaba from Pretoria South Africa who is one of the world’s most highly trained piano technician.

Tshepiso is also being touted as the first black technician certified for Steinway Pianos in Africa.

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