Watch the Global Impact Conference 2021 as it happened

You can watch the conference live in this article on December 1.
You can watch the conference live in this article on December 1. Copyright Rosatom Academy
By Euronews
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Get access to the online conference, which looked at best practices for sustainable development and real cases in a bid to address the challenges of our time.


The gap in the socio-economic development between countries is growing, posing a threat to prosperity, security and stability in the world.

"With this in mind, the agenda of the Global Impact Conference “Bridging the Gaps” looked at the role of intercultural and social partnerships in solving global problems."

The goal of the conference is to accumulate and disseminate best practices in sustainable development in new communities and institutions. By bringing together conference participants, valuable know-how will be exchanged on the path to a better future.

Leading experts working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in different countries across the world met on one platform. More than 40 experts from 30 countries took part in the conference, including government officials, international organizations, corporations, NGOs, development institutions and local expert communities. A separate portion of the conference was dedicated to youth environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Speakers presented projects that put sustainable development goals into practice and address topics. These included themes such as climate change, renewable energy and clean technologies, as well as socially transformative investments. Participants will also look at the issues of the digital divide and gender inequality, universal access to education, clean water, and sanitation, as well as the reduction of poverty and hunger.

Within the framework of the programme, attendees presented tools for preserving the planet's biodiversity, concepts for cities of the future, and a programme to support overall living standards. At the end of the conference, a collection of more than 50 successful cases and effective international best practices in the field of sustainable development were assessed.

To see best cases, interact with speakers, chat with other participants of the Global Impact Conference register here.

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