Tens of thousands march in Berlin's iconic Pride parade

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By Mark Armstrong  with AFP
Berlin Pride 2021
Berlin Pride 2021   -  Copyright  AFP

Two years after the pandemic outbreak, one of the most iconic gay pride marches in Europe is back on the agenda. 

Christopher Street Day reunited tens of thousands of people in Berlin.

"After two years...We're showing presence, showing face. And all these people who showed up...It's great!" said one man at the rally.

Activists are well aware of the worsening situation of LGBT rights in Hungary, where right-wing prime minister Viktor Orban is taking steps against the community, threatening their fundamental rights and its dignity. 

And in traditionally conservative Poland the gay community finds itself under increasing pressure.

"What happens in Hungary, what happens in Poland, what happens in Europe in general also has an impact on Germany, on France, on all the other countries," explained Steven Green, who was on the march. 

"What started in Poland, with the LGBT-free zones, what's happening in Hungary now, this reinforces all the hatred towards us. You see it has an impact in France, in the UK, in Spain."

The celebrations may have been more muted than usual but in Germany at least, the LGBT community was determined to make its voice heard.