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Sweden's recent infections spike in young people could be linked to increased testing

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Families out in a park in Sweden.
Families out in a park in Sweden.   -   Copyright  Euronews
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There's been an increase in COVID-19 infections amongst children in Sweden. The Swedish Public Health Agency says the rise could be linked to a recent increase in testing. Amongst the elderly, there was a clear drop in newly reported cases, which the agency believes is largely due to the impact of the vaccination rollout.

Sweden are not just testing individuals, they're testing entire school groups, entire school classes to make sure that no one falls through the cracks. Plus, the situation in Sweden is quite severe. Sweden actually has one of the highest numbers of new infections across Europe. And it's mainly because they now have the British variant.

Sweden's Minister for Health Lena Hallengren has said that a completed vaccination reduces the risk of death and of serious disease.

"Our society is not safe until there are a lot of us who have been vaccinated. We must remember, to get vaccinated is an act of solidarity. It protects both you and your surroundings from COVID-19. And every vaccination helps to reduce the pressure on the hospitals.”

And Johan Carlsson, Director General, Swedish Public Health Agency thinks that if Sweden is to succeed in reducing new infections, then it won’t be enough with just the vaccines.

"We must all continue to limit our contacts with people, maintain social distancing and follow the recommendations. And say yes when we are offered to get vaccinated. The combination of these measures will have a good effect. If we do all of this, then our agency’s assessment is that this massive epidemic will fizzle out during the summer months."

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