Brussels says new city-wide 30 km/h speed limit will increase road safety

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By Michael Daventry
Brussels says new city-wide 30 km/h speed limit will increase road safety
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With the New Year, a change to the rules of the road in Brussels.

From January 1, cars nearly everywhere in the Belgian capital must keep to a speed limit of 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) per hour.

City authorities say the uniform measure across all 19 districts in Brussels will help reduce accidents and increase road safety.

Only a few main artery roads will be exempt from the new limit.

The view of residents was divided: some said it was better for cars to drive slower, particularly for the safety of children.

But at least one driver told the Belgian broadcaster RTBF that while he agreed with speed limits around schools, it was "excessive" to have it in place everywhere.

The mayor of Schaebeek, a Brussels municipality that has trialled the speed limit since 2018, disagrees.

"There are still people who don`t want to understand that road security is a very important challenge," the mayor, Cécile Jodogne, said.

"It will have an effect not only by decreasing in the number of accidents — we have had no serious accident here for two years — but there are also some quiet districts now."

Police checks have come into force across the city's 19 municipalities and dozens of new speed cameras are to be put in place.

Most offenders will receive a fine, but officials say those who break the rules repeatedly could even face having their cars confiscated.