A young western lowland gorilla feeds on vegetables at the zoo in Prague

Prague Zoo has launched a new fundraising programme to help ensure its animals are fed.

The park is offering vouchers — the value of which roughly represent the cost of food for 50 different animals for one day, or in some cases for one month — in return for pictures of the animals being fed.

Zoo officials said the most expensive is a one-day voucher for the polar bear that costs 600 Koruna (€22), followed by the Asiatic lion, Sumatran tiger or Asiatic elephant at 400 Koruna (€15).

The animals in the zoo need some 400 different kinds of food daily.

The zoo has been significantly affected by the government's restrictive measures imposed to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

It was closed in the spring and again since October 9 amid a surge in new coronavirus cases.

Director Miroslav Bobek expects the losses to reach up to 80 million Koruna (€3 million) this year.