Coronavirus creativity - the Lithuanians making hand-free door handles

Coronavirus creativity - the Lithuanians making hand-free door handles
Copyright  LTLT via EVN
By Mark Armstrong

A public library in Lithuania is 3-D printing an attachment for doors to be opened without touching the handles

One risk of picking up coronavirus is by touching surfaces of everyday objects such as door handles.

Now, a public library in Kaunas, Lithuania, is helping neighbouring businesses by offering door handle extensions that could reduce the risk of infection.

Using a Belgian design and a 3-D printer, the library makes four types of attachable door devices that can open them easily without gripping handles.

"First we take care of our surrounding businesses," explained Monika Straupyte, a public relations specialist with Kaunas Vincas Kudirka Library. "And then we invite all those with 3-D printers to join. Now that this wave of kindness is rolling across Lithuania and all libraries with 3-D printers that are printing frames for protective face shields for medics, can also join us with this."

The devices are simple but effective. As in other countries, the coronavirus outbreak is inspiring people and businesses to be inventive, not just to be helpful, but sometimes to survive.

As of Saturday morning, Lithuania had 358 confirmed COVID-19 cases and five deaths.

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