Elon Musk responds in Russian to singing entrepreneurs

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By Marika Dimitriadi  & Alastair Jamieson
Elon Musk can speak Russian
Elon Musk can speak Russian   -   Copyright  REUTERS

Elon Musk has demonstrated his Russian skills, responding online to an elaborate invitation to visit a local business forum in the southern city of Krasnodar.

The tech billionaire was addressed through a roadside advertising billboard in California featuring a QR code that linked to a slick video of Krasnodar entrepreneurs singing their wish for him to visit.

"They will treat you like a god here,” they sing. “Without you, a rainbow disappears.”

Also on the billboard was the message “How do you like that, Elon Musk?” — revisiting an old meme in which Russians jokingly taunt the inventor with local technological achievements including grass-filled potholes and a Soviet-era car that goes backwards.

“You know how to sweet-talk,” Musk responded in Russian to a tweet from the entrepreneurs, although it was unclear if he will accept their invitation to visit.

Their song, “Only Elon in Our Hearts,” was a parody of a classic Soviet-era song, “Winged Swing.”

South Africa-born Musk, who has worked in Russia, has previously used the language to reply to Tweets that reference the meme.