Where is climate action happening across the world and near you?

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By Euronews
Where is climate action happening across the world and near you?

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The map was made by journalists Diego Fernández Gómez, Carlos Beneítez Fernández and Irene Martínez.

As climate marches across the world are gaining new momentum, a group of Spanish journalists has undertaken the gigantic task of mapping all events planned between September 20 and 27.

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At the time of publishing, a total of 1,718 climate actions were planned throughout the globe, including 948 in Europe, according to the map.

Inspired by the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, protests are due to take place in about 150 countries to call on governments to take immediate action to limit the harmful effects of manmade climate change.

The map shows that Europe and the United States are the regions with the largest numbers of events planned. They are followed by South and Central America, Oceania and India.

There is even a call for action at a scientific station in Antarctica.

The group, called Irecar Trabajos Editoriales, says it is surprising that France has so few calls for actions so far, contrary to Spain and Germany.

"We have gained access to Russian distribution networks through a Russian activist, but there are only a little more than a dozen publishable calls, as due to repression many will be secret or will take turns demonstrating," Irecar said.

The group has worked for years on developing a methodology to map social movements, including pensioners and feminists.

"We get the information through our contacts within the different citizen groups and social movements, " the group said.

"We also spent a lot of time reviewing all the websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of all collectives in cities and countries."

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