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Stalemate: Italy's politicians fail to reach agreement on new government

Italy's political crisis continues
Italy's political crisis continues
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The political crisis gripping Italy is yet to be solved with the country’s anti-establishment 5-Star party and the main centre-left opposition PD struggling to break a logjam over who could lead a new government.

The two major parties began talks on Friday to find common ground for a new government after the ruling coalition of 5-Star and right-wing League collapsed last week, forcing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to resign.

The unholy alliance between 5-Star and League had been on increasingly shaky ground in recent weeks, with the League’s leader Matteo Salvini itching for fresh elections in the hope of winning enough seats to govern in his own right.

But following the shuddering of the old coalition, progress between other parties hoping to capitalise on the drama has been slow, as they struggle to agree on who should lead any new government.

The Italian president Sergio Mattarella wants to see real signs of progress before opening a new round of consultations on Tuesday.

Without an agreement on a new coalition, Mattarella is likely name a caretaker government to run the country up to a new vote.

On Sunday, as PD leaders met in Rome to hammer out their programme, the 5-Star reiterated its demand that Conte be reinstated as prime minister, drawing the ire of the PD which, reports said, had put forward the name of 5-Star lawmaker Roberto Fico.

A source close to the PD said the party was vexed and upset by the "continuous ultimatums" laid down by 5-Star.

Speaking to media in Rome on Sunday, PD leader Nicola Zingaretti said any new government that wanted to be a break with the past also needed a change of personnel. He did not mention Conte by name.

"We will do all we can to find a positive solution that at the moment is not in sight," he said, calling for a meeting with 5-Star on Monday to discuss a common policy platform.

In a statement issued almost simultaneously, 5-Star doubled down on its demands that Conte be reinstated as leader and some of its policies made into law, including plans to cut the number of politicians in parliament.

Euronews' correspondent Elena Cavallone told Good Morning Europe host Alasdair Sandford that Luigi Di Miao has not formally closed any channel with the League and according to press reports Salvini is ready to offer the premiership to him in order to stop a coalition between 5 Star and PD.

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