Japan: Temporary 'poop'-up museum flush with visitors

Japan's newest attraction is a museum dedicated to the a bodily function usually kept behind closed doors.

Opening in March of this year, this museum dedicated to poo has already been through the first flushes of success.

The museum's producer Masaru Kobayashi says that the theme was chosen because of the impact and popularity of poo, or poop as they term it, in Japanese pop culture.

When entering the museum, guests watch a promotional video, then they are guided into a room known as the "Poop Maker".

This room is lined with colourful toilets. Visitors choose their toilet and pretend to defecate.

It also has a gallery of poop drawings made by Japanese celebrities and an area where visitors can play retro games that have been remade with a poop theme.

At the end of the visit, guests can put their poops in a bag and take them home.

The Unko (or poop) Museum in Yokohama will run from March 15th to September 30th, 2019.