17-year-old man dies of heat stroke in Spain as heatwave grips Europe

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By Philip Pangalos
17-year-old man dies of heat stroke in Spain as heatwave grips Europe

As the heatwave gripping many parts of Europe continues, a 17-year-old lost his life on Friday as a result of heat stroke in a village in Andalusia in southern Spain, authorities said, noting that it was the first official death due to the heatwave being experienced in Spain and other parts of Europe.

According to local government officials in Andalusia, the young many got dizzy and jumped into a swimming pool in the village where he worked. When he got out of the pool he suffered a seizure and was taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, many parts of Western Europe continue to be gripped by an unprecedented heatwave, with temperatures surpassing 40 degrees Celsius, while in Spain temperatures are forecast to reach 45 degrees Celsius over the coming days.

The extreme hot weather is expected to break all-time records as temperatures increase even further in many parts of Europe.

Local residents and visitors alike are trying to cool off in swimming pools, rivers and air conditioned buildings, while temperatures remain unseasonally high, even during the night, with the state meteorological service warning of "tropical nights".

At the same time, in Catalonia, fire fighters are battling with a large blaze thought to have started when fertilizer caught fire due to the extremely high temperatures.

According to experts, the heatwaves in Europe are becoming more frequent and have a longer duration due to climate change. As they say, Europeans will have to find ways to come to terms with this new situation.