Watch: Furs aid for four-legged friends as Hong Kong gets pet ambulance service

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By Euronews  with CGTN
The pet ambulance service is run by animal lovers
The pet ambulance service is run by animal lovers   -  Copyright  CGTN

A pet ambulance service has been launched in Hong Kong, giving four-legged friends the same emergency care as their owners.

Pet Ambulance takes pets big and small to doctor's appointments, checkups and provides on-the-spot care for emergencies. Director Dominic Abraham Wong says their passion for animals is why they do it.

"Our team is formed of pet lovers. Most of us have experience going home after a long day of work and found out our pet is sick. And then we have to carry the pet, some of them are maybe heavy dogs, and look for transportation to the pet clinic, and then finally we realise that the clinics are either closed or maybe already full," he said.

The emergency service started out of a modified SUV, which was later converted into an actual ambulance. It's now fully equipped with oxygen tanks, bandages and medical supplies.

Wong says his company has three ambulances on service with fully trained staff standing by, and it usually takes less than an hour from getting the call to getting the pet to the clinic for treatment.

"Our ambulance men have all attained first aid certificates [issued by] HK veterinary association and St. John. Their first aid skills can help lessen the pain for pets during emergency cases," he added.

Wong says it is not yet legal for the pet ambulance to use a siren, but he is hoping to have this approved by city authorities.

Video editor • Francois Rudolf