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Breakfast with Belle in Budapest: Hungarian MEP says Fidesz wants to be in the EPP

Breakfast with Belle in Budapest: Hungarian MEP says Fidesz wants to be in the EPP
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In the run-up to the European elections, Good Morning Europe host Belle Donati is travelling across the continent to meet MEPs in their own constituencies. She's grabbing breakfast with them to talk about how they take their coffee - and how they want to change Europe.

In this instalment, she speaks with Hungarian MEP, Lívia Járóka, from Viktor Orban's ruling Fidesz Party.

Fidesz, the party that you are affiliated with, has got a lot of attention recently because it's been suspended from the European People's Party (EPP) what does that mean for your day-to-day running? Has that had any effect on the way you do your work in Brussels?

"Not really, but I had spent a little bit more time explaining and talking to my colleagues around the EPP because I believe in strong unity. I do believe that we have to work together for the next generation and there are so many issues that have to be tackled now."

How did it affect your relationship with the other MEPs?

"Better — there was at least a possibility for discussion, clear discussions — and we got to know each other better. I always had a good relationship also in EPP and also in Fidesz with the leaders. And I was able a lot of times to communicate between them."

Do you think Fidesz wants to be in the EPP?

"Yes. I know that they want to be there."

So, why is it running campaign posters against Juncker with George Soros in the picture saying that Hungarians don't know what's going on in Brussels? And why has Viktor Orban just withdrawn his support from the EPP's lead candidate Manfred Weber?

"Because this is what he thinks, he has been looking at the situation for many months, he has talked with the EU and the EPP on Hungarian rights and wrongs. So, I think he has a clear opinion about the position of Fidesz in EPP and many of his colleagues inside of Fidesz are so strongly supporting him on being critical, but of course not stopping the ties, because we always belong together, our values are the same."

I will put it to you that Orban thinks: 'Why don't we stay in the EPP until these elections are finished, we see how the vote goes and, if anti-immigration parties do well, that's where we go and afterwards we drop the EPP and we move over to Salvini'

"I don't think Orban cares if anti-immigration parties do well or not. I think what he cares about is how EPP is doing on it. And that's what he is working on now. Do people believe EPP is the leading force of Europe or not? This is what Orban is looking at. The voters are going to tell what they believe on migration. And Orban is not interested in migration any more."

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