Turkey mayoral re-run: Istanbulians tell Euronews their opinions

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By Emma Beswick  & Dilek Gül
Turkey mayoral re-run: Istanbulians tell Euronews their opinions

Euronews took to the streets of Istanbul to ask residents what they thought about officials ordering a re-run of mayoral elections in the city.

One Istanbulian echoed a common discourse among pro-Justice and Development Party (AKP) Turks, saying: "The AKP won the elections in all boroughs of Istanbul, so I don't think they need to rerun the elections there.

"It would be enough just to repeat them in the metropolitan district."

The AKP won 24 boroughs out of 39 but lost overall — in many of the most populated areas — which is why some of their supporters are calling for a re-run.

Other residents questioned the decision to hold a re-vote only for the metropolitan mayoral election and not the local assembly.

"There is something dodgy going on here," said one resident. "For me, Imamoglu is not just the Republican People’s party (CHP) candidate but the candidate of 16 million people (in Turkey)."

Turkey’s main opposition the CHP on Monday accused authorities of "plain dictatorship" after the electoral board annulled the March 31 result and announced a re-run of the mayoral elections following complaints of corruption.

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CHP Deputy Chairman Onursal Adiguzel said it appeared "illegal" to defeat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party AK Party, which suffered a surprise defeat in the vote.

Erdogan welcomed the order claiming a new poll was the "best step" for the country.

The CHP said on Wednesday it asked authorities to annul 2018's national elections as well as elections in March for Istanbul mayor and other local posts in the wake of the re-run ruling.

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