Does Himalayan mythical creature the Yeti really exist? The Indian army thinks so

Does Himalayan mythical creature the Yeti really exist? The Indian army thinks so
Copyright  Indian Army/via REUTERS
By Cristina Abellan Matamoros

For centuries mountaineers and researchers have been searching for the Yeti so could his "footprints" been found by the Indian army?

After thousands of years, India's army has claimed they've found "footprints" belonging to the Yeti. But could this be true? Could the mythical Himalayan monster really exist? The army's claims have prompted a flurry of doubtful tweets. 

On Tuesday, the Indian army official Twitter account tweeted a picture of Yeti's alleged "footprints" in the snow. 

"For the first time, an Indian Army mountaineering expedition team has sited mysterious footprints of mythical beast Yeti," said the post, which also showed three pictures of footprints and a picture of the expedition group who found the tracks. 

The footprints allegedly measured 81 centimetres by 38 centimetres and were seen close to Makalu Base Camp on April 9. The "snowman" has only been spotted in the mountainous area between Nepal and Tibet before, said the post. 

The Makalu, which is among the highest mountains in the world, has already been surveyed by researchers for traces of the Yeti. 

However, the Indian army's tweet still prompted a flurry of jokes about the discovery. 

But others snubbed the mockery, saying that other claims of spotting traces of the snow monster hadn't been as widely ridiculed. 

The Yeti is part of Nepali folklore and is said to live in the Himalayas. Tales of the hairy creature roaming the snowy caps have captured the imagination of many including New Zealand's mountaineer Edmund Hillary. 

One of the last groups who believe to have seen traces of the creature were Japanese climbers who saw footprints when returning from a mountain in western Nepal in 2008.

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