Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un impersonators take centre stage in Hanoi

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un impersonators take centre stage in Hanoi
By Shafi Musaddique
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They've not arrived yet, but Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are making a splash in Hanoi...


Will the real world leaders, please stand up.

Do our eyes deceive us or have US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un already met ahead of their summit in Vietnam?

Don’t be fooled — Howard X (Kim) and Russell White (Trump) took it upon themselves to impersonate the two leaders outside Hanoi’s Metropole Hotel on Friday, days before the real leaders arrive for a key meeting.

We’re almost convinced by the Trump doppelganger deep shade of fake tan and wig, but then, who wouldn’t be?

The real Jong-un could soon be as jovial as their impersonators.

On Wednesday, the US president told reporters at the White House that he could be persuaded to ease sanctions on North Korea if its leader did “something that’s meaningful” on denuclearisation.

South Korea will be a key player in the talks, scheduled to be held in Vietnam’s capital city on February 27-28.

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