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360° tour inside a Jordanian inclusive school

360° tour inside a Jordanian inclusive school
By Monica Pinna
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360° tour inside a Jordanian inclusive school

Khawla Bint Al Azwar school, North of Amman, is an example of inclusive education for Jordanian and Syrian refugee children. Students with and without disabilities attend classes together and are offered all the academic and technical support they need to progress.


The inclusive education programme has been implemented by the NGO Mercy Corps and financed by the EU Humanitarian Aid. Maisa Asmar described the programme.

"The inclusive education programme works on three different pillars: schools, parents and local community and children with disabilities. In terms of schools, they are provided with capacity building for their teachers, furniture, educational tools and assistive technology. For parents and the community, they are provided with awareness raising. In terms of children with disabilities, they are provided with accommodative equipment, rehabilitation sessions, inclusion in regular classes by our assistant teachers, academic support".

This school is equipped with assistive technology to offer children with disabilities equal access to education. Asmar described to us how one class used a cutting edge system developed for children with hearing impairments.

"The loop system consists of two loops, a lower loop and an upper loop that is made from copper coils. We have an amplifier over there and we also have the microphone that the teacher puts on [in order to speak]. If I am a child who has a hearing disability and I have my hearing aid on, I tap into the frequency of the loop system and then I can hear everything that is happening inside the loop and everything that is happening outside the loop and is creating noise is actually decreased."

This 360-degree video was shot with a GoPro Fusion

Journalist • Monica Pinna

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